Sweet Fruit Custard

Banana 1 no.
Apple 1 no.
Strawberry 3 nos.
Kiwi 2 nos.
Custard powder 40g/2.5tbsp
Fresh Cream 150g
Powdered Sugar 3 tsp
Sugar 4 tbsp
Milk ½ litre





  1. Dice all the fruits
  2. Heat a wok in medium heat
  3. Pour 1/6 cup of water and then the milk
  4. Add 4 tbsp. of sugar and mix it well in low heat
  5. Make a paste of the custard powder with ½ glass of water
  6. Add it to the wok – stir until it thickens
  7. Remove it and allow it to cool
  8. In a separate container, whip some fresh cream with powdered sugar to stiff peaks
  9. In a glass arrange the fruits then add custard and on top place the whipped cream
  10. Pour some golden or maple syrup to give it a good look


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Click the link to download the printable Recipe – Fruit Custard

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