Shankarpali | Maida Biscuits | Eggless Biscuits

A yummy Crunchy snack – small bites of sweetness to much your time away

Maida Flour 1 cup
Milk ¼ cup
    Sugar ¼ cup
Butter ¼ cup
Cardamom powder ½ tsp
Oil As required
Salt A pinch



  1. Melt butter in a vessel
  2. To a bowl add the melted butter and sugar
  3. Beat them well together
  4. Add milk and again beat them well
  5. Now add salt and mix well
  6. Now add flour and cardamom powder and knead it to a soft consistency dough
  7. Refrigerate the dough for ½ an hour in a plastic wrap
  8. Remove it and spread it to ¼ inch and cut them into small squares
  9. Heat oil in medium heat and fry the biscuits until light golden brown – ensure to turn both sides to achieve even browning
  10. Remove them and drain excess oil
  11. Allow it to cool to get crispness
  12. Serve and enjoy

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Click the link to download the printable Recipe – Maida biscuit

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