A typical French dish – vegetables, vegetables and more vegetables – yummy to the core

Zucchini 2 nos.
Aubergine 1 no.
Tomato 4 nos.
Capsicum 1 no.
Pepper powder 1 tsp
Garlic pod 1 no.
Small onions 5-10 nos.
Basil powder As required
Chilly powder 1 tsp 
Oil As required
Salt A pinch




  1. Grease the baking dish with oil
  2. In a baking dish, arrange zucchini and sliced aubergine alternatively
  3. Sprinkle salt and bake it for 25-30 minutes at 220C
  4. Meanwhile in a small pan sauté small onions and garlic in medium heat for 5 minutes
  5. On a plane stove top with a grill pan burn the capsicum by rotating now and then until it turns black on some sides
  6. Now dip the burnt capsicum in water and remove the skin in the possible areas
  7. Cut them to small pieces
  8. In a mixer jar, add the sautéed garlic, onion, cut capsicum, sliced tomatoes and make a paste
  9. After 30 minutes remove the baking dish and sprinkle chilli powder and basil power
  10. Bake it for another 10 minutes at 220 C
  11. Remove and pour the sauce on top of it
  12. Sprinkle basil powder and serve
  13. Serve and enjoy

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